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Curves, rivets, wood and steel, leather, fabric, guts and glory.

The scars of combat and competition. The signs of a life well lived.

Welcome to the world of Classic Planes and Auto Prints, a carefully curated collection of Limited Edition Fine Art Photographs for sale of outstanding aircraft and automobiles from 1900 to 1970.

From WW1 fighters that dominated the skies over the trenches to the fearsome Porsche 917 that crushed all comers at Le Mans, this is a very personal and diverse look at classic machinery by photographer Jonathan Little. Here you will find aircraft in flight, moody skies, racing cars at rest and on track, and a closer look at the engineering brilliance and beautiful details that made each and every one of these amazing machines – and their pilotes– so special.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site.

(All black and white images are also available in colour - and vice versa - so if you would like to see an alternate version of anything then please let me know!)